As a teacher, PJ is educate to give danceclasses in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, urban and dance for children. He specialize himself in high heels and use his strength as a learning dancer in his teaching methods.

Als docent is PJ opgeleid voor danslessen te verzorgen in klassiek ballet, modern, hedendaags, jazz, urban en dansles op maat voor jonge kinderen. Hij heeft zich zelf gespecialiseerd in high heels en gebruikt zijn kracht als lerende danser in zijn lesmethodes.


Paired with the music of Jazz is this dance style created by the underground. A way to express yourself with dance, to go all the way with any limits. There are so much variations in Jazzdance and they all grown as inspiration of the big pioneers that open the doors for Jazz in the big danceworld, like Bob Fossé, Jack Cole and Lester Horton. Those people are still a big inspiration for Jazz dancer at this moment. 

Jazz is still growing in his variations, and that makes it so beautiful. 


Just like Jazz, there are many forms of urban: Old-school hiphop, middle & new-school, breakdance, streetdance (EU), popping & locking, lyrical hip hop, house...

Every form of urban has his own quality and variations in grooves, music and style. 


It's all about feminisme, elegance, self-expression and sensuality. All this, on the right heels. 

A big shoutout to bring High Heels on the commercial dancescene goes to Yanish Marshall. 

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